Booking Instructions

For Individual / Joint ownership

  • Valid CNIC/ Passport Copy of Purchaser
  • 2 passport size photographs of purchaser
  • 1 passport size photograph of Nominee
  • Original booking form (Pre-numbered) only available from the registered office of the company)
  • Cheque /payorder as per detailed below for down-payment according to the payment schedule


  • Your booking documents bearing the company seal and signature of the Chief Executive officer
  • Submit the booking documents at the registered office of the company
  • Registered office address: Golcrest Mall & Residency sector DD Plot 456 Phase IV DHA, Lahore

For Company

  • Company Board resolution to purchase the said property and further authorization to the person for signature of fulfillment of legal & other formalities.
  • Company Incorporation letter & Commencement certificate in case of public limited company
  • Memorandum of Association & Article of Association

Company Bank Account Details

Payments only to:

Account Title : Mazyood Giga DHA Lahore Emerald Ltd. (Collection)

Account Number  : 230793653

IBAN : PK33 UNIL – 0109-000230793653

Bank : United Bank Limited (UBL), Corporate Branch, Faisal Town, Lahore (Code: 1192)

Other Terms & Conditions

  1. The name of the project is “Goldcrest Mall & Residency”. It is situated at plot No. 456, Sector DD, Phase-IV, DHA Lahore.
  2. Booking of units shall be confirmed on realization of down payment.
  3. The applicant(s) shall make all payments by means of crossed cheque/Pay Order/ Demand draft or any banking instrument favouring “Mazyood Giga DHA Lahore Emerald Ltd”.
  4. The applicant(s) shall make all the payments within due time as laid down in the payment schedule annex to the booking form.
  5. If installments are not paid on time, a late payment fine as laid down in the agreement with customer will be imposed.
  6. Subsequent to realization of the down payment, an Agreement to Sell with the applicant(s) shall be entered into and the applicant(s) shall abide all the terms and conditions mentioned therein.
  7. The refund of down payment, in case the applicant(s) does not want to acquire the unit, subsequent to booking and prior to execution of Agreement to Sell, shall be made after deducting 20% of the total price of the unit and after resale of the unit.
  8. All applicants for booking of unit must be submitted on prescribed form duly filled in and signed by the applicant(s).
  9. Applicant(s) are required to be available when invited to for signing the Agreement to Sell. If the applicant(s) fall to do so, the company has the right to cancel the unit.
  10. All Pakistani citizen and foreigner living inland or abroad are equally eligible to apply. All laws of Provincial/Federal Government and directions/guidelines of local authority regarding purchase/transfer of properties shall be applicable.
  11. Prior permission of DHA will be required for booking to foreign nationals.